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I did it. I gave in. I made a demon. And made myself a bit more ginger than I am but shhhhhhhhhhhhh it is what I WANT to be.
SO THIS LOVELY SOUL that we shall call my demon started out sort of…air-themed…and then got away from me as I started applying colour. Next thing I know, they have glowy markings.
Yes. They.
Because my demon is androgynous.
Elegant, composed, loves many kinds of music, enjoys cool mornings and grey days. The pact between my demon and me is that they will go sing an aria (with me) on the mountains of their beloved in the first days of winter to get their feelings across, and I will marry Captain America/Steve Rogers get through college with a minimum of mishaps.
And I would write up a lot more about Asthore, but we’re heading out for some Japanese food k thnx bai.
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Oops so the doodle I did in Chemistry class is evolving as I re-do it on the computer. Partly because I’m watching Star Trek: The Next Generation right now.
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Tiny Rose - Pendant


it looks like toast and space jam

space jam